Monday, December 17, 2012

Back in the PSG

Dear Family!

Well, we are back in Petersburg and boy was it fun to come back.  We had people all over town welcome us back; members, non-members, random people we don't know... it was really neat and made us feel so loved.  Leaving Wrangell was hard.  We really grew to love the people there in the short time that we were with them.  We got to take the Ferry back to PSG, which was SO fun! We planned for the week and then did some puzzles to fill our time on the boat.  We also went to the gift shop and Sis Ashbrook bought her family the book "Outhouses of Alaska"... we got a good laugh out of that one :) When we got back to PSG we through ourselves right back into our busy schedule and got right to work. 

We taught a couple of our investigators and less-actives this week.  One of our investigators, Barbara [a 70-something with a spit fire personality.  She's met with the missionaries for about 2 years now]. really opened up this week.  We taught her about temples and about how she can be sealed to her husband [who passed away] for all eternity.  It was a really wonderful lesson and the Spirit was very strong.  We invited her to think and pray more about being baptized.  We called her on Saturday night and asked if she would like to come to church.  There was a long pause, and after a littel talking she agreed to come!! It was amazing! She's  never agreed to come before, with any missionaries, and she totally came to church.  I don't think that her experience was what any of us had expected but we were so glad that she came and got to feel the Spirit in some way.  Maribel is doing well, her kids and husband are out of town for the next week, so we plan on spending a lot of time with her. 

Oh my gosh, cool story... I got a letter from someone I don't know this week.  It was a girlw ho is about to come out on her mission to Alaska and found my blog online while she was researching! iIt was so neat! She asked advice on how she can prepare, and I'm excited to write her back.  I put in a good word with President, saying that I dibs training her.  He said, "Well wouldn't that be neat?" haha we'll see what happens :)

We've done quite a bit of singing, but what else is new! We are singing in the community Holiday concert tonight, which will be fun.  Other than that, nothing is really  new.  We're both really looking forward to Christmas and have gotten a few invitations for some fun activities with members in the branch.  WE're all geared up with a few Christmas messages to share with the people we teach :)

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Sister Hatfield

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  1. I'm that random girl who wrote to Sister Hatfield! haha :) I've just loved her blog, and if I wasn't excited enough to go originally, hearing her stories about moose spaghetti and hardcore female hunters has made me ecstatic! Can't wait to join the force of missionaries in this great state!