Friday, January 18, 2013

Ice Storms & Earthquakes

Hey guys!

Welp, it's sure been really interesting week here in ANC.  We've had some really crazy wind/ice/rain storms here which have caused a lot of fun times in our area.  Because there was so much ice in our area yesterday, we actually didn't go out of our apartment except to go to church.  I was roped into giving a talk, so we really didn't have a choice.  I also felt my second earthquake this week! It was so fun!!! Not too bad, don't worry mom! It was just a 4.1.  It certainly makes for some fun times though. 

Oh my gosh, guys! Guess what kind of car I drive? A Subaru. Ick... the only redeeming qualities about it are that it: A.  isn't an Outback and B. is REALLY good in snow/ice situations.  That is all on that subject.  Oh, it also smells REALLY good thanks to the scentsy air freshener I got for Christmas.  Thanks mom!

Because of all the crazy weather and storms this week and the fact that I got a really nasty cold which put me out for about a day {President made me hot apple cider and gave me some medicine.  So sweet of him!}, we've done quite a bit of service and played it a little low key this week.  I promise I really do "missionary work" aka teaching, we actually do it a! lot, it's just less exciting to email about sometimes.  We only have one investigator in this area {this area is slower than PSG, believe it or not}, and she's been out of town but we will start teaching her this week. 

This week we're doing exchanges with some sisters from Beach Lake in Eagle River about 40 min away.  AND... I'll be companions with Sister Ashbrook again! It's only for 2 days, but i'm excited.  We're in charge of training for the entire mission on Thursday, so we're spending Tues and Wed working on our training on working on an island in between.  Should be fun.

Well, I don't have much time left, but I just want you all to know that I am doing well.  I am very happy to be here in ANC and am feeling that I might be training next transfer, hopefully it will be the sweet Sister Hedelius from Manti, Ut.  We got to call her last night and talk to her about the mission and it was SO fun! Marissa, I can't wait to see you in 3 weeks! Keep saying those prayers, I think they're working! ;)

Have a great week, guys! Love ya'll!

Love always,
Sister Hatfield

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Dearest Familia!

Well, it was quite the adventure getting here to ANC.  We were scheduled to leave on the morning jet on Monday at 11:30.  I work up at about 3 am Monday with a really nasty case of the stomach flu.  I'll spare you all the details, but it was a really rough morning.  I was determined to make the flight, so we called some men from the branch to come give me a blessing.  The blessing caused us to be a little late to the airport, so the Alaska Airlines agents wouldn't let us fly.  It was really sad, but ended up working out for the better.  One of the engines broke on the plane we were supposed to b eon, and caused quite a bumpy flight, which I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to make it through.  I ended up sleeping ALL day {with permission/strict orders from President, of course} which helped a ton.  We made it out on the morning jet on Tuesday and got right to work once we got in our new areas.  Transfers were on Wednesday, and were a total blast.  I forgot how much I actually enjoy being around other missionaries, even when I feel completely overwhelmed.  After the temple {I've been 3 times since I've been out} we all had dinner at the mission home.  The elders and I were all laughing and joking and having a blast.  Sister Wuehler and I had them laughing really hard by the end of the night.  Gotta love good, clean missionary humor :)

My area is really great, so far.  Rabbit Creek is in South Anchorage which is a VERY wealthy community.  The work here is hard, and hasn't been successful in a while but that doesn't mean anything if you ask me.  If we work hard, and are obedient, we will see blessings.  No questions asked.  It's weird serving in a full-blown ward since I've been in branches for the last 6 months, but I'm ready for the challenge.  My district includes the Zone leaders, district leaders, and the Assistants... let me just say this.. they are all some of my favorite missionaries and we all have a blast together. I'm really excited for this transfer.  President keeps making jokes about me training a new sister, Sister Hedelius {who writes me} who is coming out next transfer.  We'll see what happens.  She's the first 19 year old sister so we're all pretty excited.

Well I hope you are all doing great and keeping up with your personal scripture study!

"When like gets too hard to stand..kneel"

Love always,
Sister Hatfield

Christmas, 6 month mark, Wrangell, and transfers...

Well hey guys!

So this week has been absolutely nuts! I'm just going to do one of those really fun day by day synopsis of my week.  Cool? cool.

Monday: Christmas Eve! We spent most of the day caroling and Julebukking, then we ended our night with the always amazing Lister family! They gave us stockings full of yummy treats and fun little gifts.  We spent the whole night laughing and eating more candy and treats than we should have.  Dr. Lister is the dentist here in town [he gave us teeth cleanings my first week in town! so nice!], and he gave me 2 Dr Peppers... he is the BEST. :)

Tuesday: Christmas Day!!! Well we skyped our families, which was really fun it was so strange to feel like I was just sitting back at home with my family around the table just talking about our days.  I loved it, but it was kinda weird.  Surprisingly, it didn't distract me too much or pull me away from the work.  We spent the rest of the day driving around and delivering re-gifted treats to our investigators and friends in the community.  It was a really fun day full of Christmas Spirit! I love love loved it!

Wednesday:  We found out about an hour before we were supposed to leave for Wrangell that we were putting on our musical fireside that night.  We though that we were going to be doing it on Thursday or Friday.  So... we hurried and planned our fireside.  It went pretty well.  We focused the whole thing on the life of Christ.  We played Bible Videos that depicted different events in the life of the Savior from his birth to his death.  After the video we would sing a song.  It was really fun to put on, but could use a little tweaking before we do it again.

Thursday: We spent the day in Wrangell visiting some investigators and non-members.  When we got there no one was able to meet with at all last time we were there.  As we pulled into her driveway, I turned to Sister Ashbrook and said, "I think that nothing else worked out today because we need to meet with Michelle.  I'm excercising my faith!" And guess what guys?? When she answered the door she said, "I was just thinking about you guys and was hoping you'd be coming by sometime soon." It was a total miracle! We spent about an hour there just visited and talked about my favorite topic {to study and teach}, faith! It was a really good day.  It was also my 6 month mark.  Isn't that crazy?? It's hard to believe 1/3 of my mission is already over.  It's so sad to think that I'll be home by this time next year.  So weird, anways.  Oh, President called us on Thursday night and gave us our transfer calls... 3 days early! Sister Ashbrook is headed to Eagle River and I'm headed to Rabbit Creek ward in South Anchorage and will be serving with Sister Wuehler {wheeler}.  I'm really excited and looking forward to the new area.  I'm really going to miss PSG though.  I love it here!

Friday: The whole day was dedicated to Michell.  She is probably the funniest person in the SE of Alaska.  We spent the day doing her dishes and folding her laundry and just talking about the gospel.  It was really fun and she kept telling us how grateful she was that we were there.  Most days, I just really LOVE being a missionary and helping others "Come unto Christ".  It makes me really happy.

Saturday:  We flew back from Wrangell this morning {on the Tinkerbell Alaska Airlines jet.... the ride was magical} and have been saying goodbyes and packing the whole day.  It's amazing how much stuff one accumulates on their mission.  SO. MUCH. STUFF.

We're flying into Anchorage on Monday and transfer meeting is on Wednesday..  It should be a fun and excited adventure! Thank you all for the wonderful Christmas gifts and wishes.  It was all TOO much, but made me feel so loved, which is always nice :) I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are gearing up for the new year!

Love Always,
Sister Hatfield


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Very Alaskan Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!!!

I hope you all are having a magical Christmas season, and are spending time with those you love and helping them to remember the reason we celebrate Christmas. 

Sister Ashbrook and I have been running around like crazy this last week.  On Monday we sang in the town's Holiday Concert.  We sang two numbers: Night of Silence with Mandy ( a 10 year old in the branch... I think I'm tagged in the video on FB?) and a Star Shone Bright with Carinn a non-member friend here in PSG. We also sang 4 numbers with the Oxford Carolers a group we've been singing with over the last month.  It was a huge success and we got stopped by all sorts of people we don't know in town [as missionaries that NEVER happens] complimenting us.

We spent our Wednesday night caroling around town with the young women in the branch.  We talked Kirt, the branch president, into digging out his skif (boat) and decorating it with lights to take us caroling in.  I must say.. I have never been so cold in my life.  Haha! Riding in a boat down a street when it's 10 degress outside gets really cold REALLY fast.  haha

Our branch Christmas party was on Friday and was a huge success.  We had quite a few non-members and less-active members come.  IT's always nice to see people who aren't the usual bunch at our parties.  There was plenty of food and cute decorations. 

Saturday was the first day of the fun Norwegian tradition of Julebukking (yule-a-bucking). It's when all the merchants in town thank their customers by feeding them! It goes for 3 days or so an deveryone in the town  gets together and eats and mingle.  It just might be my new favorite Christmas tradition.  We've eaten a LOT these last few days and still have the majority of the stores to hit today.  We've tried a lot of different Norwegian foods like Krumkaka and pickled herring and some native Alaskan foods as well like Spikachik (sp?) [deer lef that is cooked by packing it in salt.  It tastes just like you would think... raw red meat covered in salt.  Bleh.  I couldn't even finish chewing mine]

Today we are caroling with the Oxford Carolers to the Julebukker's while they wait in line.  Then we are spending the rest of our day doing regular pday stuff... writing lertters, laundry, cleaning, wrapping presents [we bought each other wool socks!], and packing.  We're headed back to Wrangell the 26th-29th for a quick trip, so we have to get  cracking.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve tonight and a very merry Christmas tomorrow.  May we all remmeber that it's not about the presents or the trees or the food, but it's about celebrating the birth of our Savior. 

With Love from a true Alaskan Woman,
Sister Hatfield

p.s. the people here in PSG are WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to kind and giving.  We've gotten so many gifts and treats that we don't even know hhow we're going to get all of our stuff back to the mainland when we leave this place, I got my very own flannel shirt [hence i'm a true alaskan now] and some Ice Trekkers [spikes that go on the bottom of your shoes to make it so that you don't slip on the ice![ I love them both and the people who gave them to me! :)