Thursday, June 6, 2013

What's New in AK!! 5/27/13

Dear family,

Sorry I've been such a stinkin' slacker at writing! Time is just slipping through my fingers. 

So first things first, because everyone keeps asking, here is a health update! The endoscopy showed that I have a pretty bad esophagitis which caused a hiatal hernia and some major swelling and hemmoraging,  I'm not good at spelling medical things FYI.  basically I have severe acid reflux.  I no longer have the mucus lining in my stomach that protects it from the acid it produces.  And, the acid is splashing into my esophagus causing lots of pain and a small hernia.  If the hernia gets any worse they'll need to operate, but for now I'm doing okay.  They put me on a really strong medication, Dexilant to control the acid production.  I take 60 mg twice a day (which is a LOT) and I'm still in pain.  I'm watching what I eat pretty closely and avoid anything high in acid.  My next apt, follow up, is June 11th so hopefully I can get more answers.  For  right now, I'm not allowed to be stressed at all. HAHAHAHAHAHAAH I literally laughed at the missionarymed doc who told me that.  Oh, I also have some varices which are swollen varicose veins in my stomach.  I'm having an ultrasound on them tomorrow, so we'll see what happens.  Dr Claypool, the missionarymed doc just said that if they burst I'm in BIG BIG BIG trouble.  So yeah... no stress! Oh, and Dr Claypool said that if this was caused by "severe stress" within the last 10 years, President, Sister Beesley, Sister Graysaon and I all just laughed and said, YUUPPPP.  So yeah.. that's what's going on, I'll keep you all filled in but cool story.  I've had 2 blessings {one from my best friend and one from president} that both said that I would make a full recovery AND when Elder Zwick (of the Seventy) was here a couple of weeks ago pulled me aside and said, "Sister Hatfield, I am putting you on the prayer roll that President Monson reads from, " I'm pretty confident that since the Lord is obviously looking out for me, that I'm going to be fine. 

Tenell got baptized a couple of weeks ago, which was SO exciting! We also have 2 more gators on date for next Saturday, Siva and Ram (Ram isn't a YSA but we are teaching him for now!) plus, we picked up a new gator, Kylie, who is awesome,  Things in the YSA are picking up really really quickly.  I love being busy.  I do have to rest and take some time to relax because things just get way stressful, but I'm making it work. 

Sister Grayson and I are playing the Uke like crazy! Oh, have I mentioned everyone, that I learned how to play the Uke and have written a song and a half?!?It's SO FUN! I love it! We're currently working on a song with some elders in Wasilla,  so we've taken some fun fieldtrips up there.  Then president took us out to eat at Red Robin.... YUMMMMMMMM.  I love that place, although, Sister Beesley was watching what I ordered like a hawk, so I couldn't get my favorite but enjoyed in none-the-less. 

Oh my heck! So this week we got to do something AMAZING! Our favorite, Katrina, from the Bush Branch (who I've been teaching since Jan) was in ANC on a layover and President let us go and see her! We ate lunch and taught an awesome lesson on hope at the airport.  Then, we got Cinnabons... it was awesome.  I love her SOOOO much.  I hope she has a blast in Alabama. 

Well, this week shall be great! hope ya'll have a great one too! The weather here is SUPER warm, 60's and sunny and the grass is green! I love it!!

Time really is flying by... today marks 11 months!!! Crazy!!!!

Love ya'll,
Sister Hatfield

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