Monday, August 27, 2012

2 months down...

Dear Family,

This week has been incredible! We have been blessed in so many ways and sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure that I am not living in a dream.  This Gospel and the people in it are outstanding and bring me so much happiness, I can't even contain my huge smile sometimes :D

First off, Miranda was baptized on Aug 24 and it was a wonderful service.  There were two talks, one on baptism by Carly, a sister in the branch; and the other by Sister Gardiner on the Holy Ghost.  Both of them did an incredible job and really brought the Spirit while teaching and testifying.  After their talks I sang "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go".  While singing I looked up and saw Miranda wiping the tears from her eyes which, surprise surprise, made me start to cry.  Then Miranda was baptized by our ward mission leader Corey.  She looked so changed she bore the most incredible testimony.  It was clear, accurate, and powerful in every way.  She was confirmed yesterday in Sacrament Meeting and received a wonderful blessing from the branch president.  I am incredibly humbled and grateful to have been a part of her conversion.  Even though I played a very small role, I know that my part was necessary.  I love Miranda and look forward to all the wonderful things that she will do in her life.  She is a huge blessing to me and has taught me so much about loving others and serving Heavenly Father with everything that we have.

Second, we have 2 new investigators who are on track and on date to be baptized (TJ doesn't quite have an official date set, but he/we are praying about a date!) Walter and TJ are both awesome, solid guys and are both thirsting to hear more about the Gospel.  We are excited to keep teaching both of them and helping them come closer to the Savior and Heavenly Father.  We also have 3 new people we are going to begin teaching this week.  David is doing good.  We didn't get to teach him this week, but he is still reading the BoM and says that he knows it's true.

Fairbanks is starting to get really cold! The weather is changing so quickly. :( Fall is officially here and winter is fast approaching.. let's just say, I am not ready for -50 degrees.  But, I am excited to see the Aurora!

I FINALLY SAW A MOOSE!!!!  After almost 7 weeks in AK, I finally got to check that goal off my list.  We saw a mama and a baby crossing the road on the day of Miranda's baptism.  I told her that it was a sign from Heavenly Father that He loves me, and that he was proud of Miranda.  She agreed! Haha.

The first official transger of my mission is over! It flew by and I am excited to spend at least another 6 weeks here in FBX 4th.  Today makes exactly 2 months since I started my mission! I can't believe I only have 15 months left.  It's going to come so much faster than any of us thought :(

I am loving my mission thus far and can't wait to see all the other miracles that will come up.  I am learning so much and am loving almost every single minute of my mission. 

I love you all and miss you bunches.  Keep writing me letters... :)

Sister Hatfield

p.s. here are some pictures!!

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