Monday, September 17, 2012

Love you guys!

Dear Family,

This week went by so fast! I feel like I was just here at the college library writing you.  Time is whizzing by and it is blowing my mind.  Everyone said that the first 3 months are the longest.  Well if that's true, I'll be home in no time flat.  The 27th of this month is my 3 month mark... crazy!

The work slowed down a little this week.  We only taught 26 lessons, but our days were full and very busy.  All of our investigators are doing really well.  We moved Walter's baptism date back a week because he was feeling overwhelmed with school.  So... next week we'll have a baptism on Thursday and Friday and 2 confirmations on Sunday! It will be marvelous.  I am so excited for both of them, and they are both very excited for themselves. :) Rachel is loving the gospel.  She loves to meet with us and hear all about the things we have to share. We are currently teaching her the Plan of Salvation and she is LOVING it (who doesn't??).  The other sisters in the zone have been teaching a Korean YSA names Kyungshik (key-ung-sheek) for the last 5 months and he surprised us on Friday by saying that he wanted to be baptized on Sunday.  So... surprise! We had a baptism.  It was a wonderful experience for everyone involved.  Rachel came and loved it and how excited she was for her own baptism. 

Now.... the highlight of my week! Yesterday in church, Miranda received her first calling.  She was called as a branch missionary!! She is going to be great and we are so excited to have her come with us to lessons and share her testimony with our investigators.  We had the opportunity to sit in on her setting apart and it was one of the most incredible blessings I have ever heard.  The Spirit was so strong.  Both Sister G and I felt it in waves throughout the entire blessing and were in tears by the end.  She was given one of the most amazing promises in her blessing and I am so grateful to have been there to hear it.  After the blessing ended, the branch President (who gave the blessing) said, "Wow".  It was very powerful.

It is starting to get really dark here at night.  It's strange because I haven't seen 'night' for almost 3 months.  It's a very hard adjustment, but it will be just fine.  We have quite a few fun things coming up in the next few weeks and are very excited about the work and about preparing for the baptisms next week.  :) This Sunday we are having an "Invite a friend to church" day and are very hopeful it will be a successful event. 

Thank you all for your continuous love, support and prayers.  It is much needed and graciously received. 

Love always,
Sister Hatfield

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