Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 24th

Dear Family,

This week was so LONGGGGGGGGGG.  Everyone always tells you how "hard" missionary work is, but they never tell you in what way.  And don't get me wrong, it's different for everyone.  For me, it's incredibly hard emotionally and mentally.  It's so easy to fall into the "wo-is-me" mindset.  However, that is not the point of missionary work.  It's been hard, but I am getting much better at thinking outward and not beating myself up when we don't. 

Anyway... we had some really interesting experiences this week.

1.  We ran into a lot of scheduling conflicts with the baptisms this week, but we finally got them all worked out and Walter is getting baptized on Thursday the 27th (which is my 'click' day... aka my month mark) and TJ is getting baptized on Friday the 28th (mom's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!) TJ asked me to sing at his baptism so I'll have to try and find some time to pick a song and practice! I am so stoked to be able to be involved in these two baptisms.  These two are such great guys and are going to be excellent members of the church. 

2.  Yesterday we had 'Invite a Friend to Church Day' in our branch.  At the very beginning of my time in FBX I told Sister G that I really wanted to see our make-shift chapel full.  We have a really small branch (about 40 active members), so it seemed impossible.  However, yesterday my vision became a reality! The room was PACKED! Every seat was taken and they even had to add more seats in the back.  What a miracle! We met quite a few people and wil hopefully find some new investigators.  Our branch president had us bear our testimonies (surprise!) and it was so fun! I have no clue what I said but I could feel the power of the words I was saying.  (Did that sentence make any sense?! haha)

3.  Yesterday for dinner we were eating at the Maynes'.  Bro Maynes is the 1st counselor in the branch and his wife and daughter are some of my favorite ward members.  Anyway, we had spaghetti.... but not just spaghetti... MOOSE spaghetti.  It was DELISH! While we were eating there was a knock at the door and some Russian people asked if they could harvest some of the mushrooms on the lawn.  We were all DYING laughing.  Only in Alaska... haha! Have I ever told you guys how weird the Alaskans are? It's a whole new world (cue Aladdin music) up here.  For military it's even considered "overseas"! Back to the Russians... we tried to get them to come in and have dinner and listen to our message, but they were really freaked out.  Don't worry, I got a picture of the harvest.  I'll attach it to the email!

4.  Our investigator Rachel moved her baptism date!!! (Did I already tell you that? Sorry, the mission wipes out your memory!) She's getting baptized on October 13th and is SO excited! :) this will be my 4th baptism since I came out on my mission, and the most baptisms the branch ahs seen (in such a short time period) in the last few years.  We are thrilled and are so grateful that all of these wonderful investigators just fell into our laps. :)

Transfers are in a couple weeks (conference weekend).  I will officially be done with my 12 week training program and will now be eligible for transfers.  It will be fun to see whether I stay or leave!

Are you guys as excited for Conference as I am?? I hope you are! I try and read/listen to about 3 talks a day to prepare myself.  They are all so inspiring.  I can't wait!

Welp, hope all is well wherever you are! Thank you so much for your continuous love, suppost, and prayers.  You are all the BEST! Have a fabulous week :)

Love always,
Sister Hatfield

P.S. I'm getting better at letter writing, so keep sending me letters! I love hearing from you!

Special shout-out to my letter-writers from this week: Ali (I got 2 from you this week!:) Haley, Tanner, and Brooke.  You guys rock!!

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