Tuesday, October 16, 2012

From Moose to Whales....


Dear Family,

Well.... I'm getting transferred! I left the wonderful city of Fairbanks amd one of the largest zones in the world (I covered the entire zone, too!) and am headed to Petersburg, AK which is a TINY Norweigian fishing town in Southeast by Juneau.  I drove all day back down to anchorage and are staying in the mission home until tomorrow.  Transfer meeting is today and I'm so excited.  I love being back around all of my best friends. :)

Leacing Fairbanks was probably the hardest thing I have done so far.  I think it was harder than leaving home.  I loved the people there so much, but am excited to embark on a new adventure!

I love you guys and will have much more to say next week I'm sure.  Have a fabulous week and remember to turn to the Lord in ALL things. 

Love Always,
Sister Hatfield

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