Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Island living....


Petersburg is FABULOUS! I am having such a wonderful time and learning so much.  It is such a tiny town with completely different feel than Fairbanks.  There are about 3000 people here in about a 10 mile diameter.  TINY! But it's really fun.  Everyone here is super nice and very welcoming.  There is only one branch here on the island and only 10 (or less) families attend.  I met the entire ward before Sunday without even trying.  We do a lot of service here to help fill our days.  We go to the hospital and old-folks home (The Manor) and play piano/sing for them twice a week.  We also help with dishes at the manor, move wood (for winter), help sort clothes at Sally's (AKA Salvation Army and one of the two clothing stores in town), and any other random job we can help out with.  This last week we helped our branch president grind and pack his moose meat which was a blast! I'm sure many of you will be surprised to hear that I actually volunteered to help out with that one.  This city girl's a changin! We also helped out with the "Beat the Odds" run/walk for breast cancer.  We helped to direct the runners and tell them where to go.  Basically we just stood on the street and yelled words of encouragement.  It was a blast! The weather here is crazy! Petersburg gets on average about 110 inches of rainfall per year.  Needless to say, it hasn't stopped raining since I got here.  I never do my hair because the second I walk outside it's drenched.  It's awesome! The climate here is actually considered rainforest! Who knew??
Anyway, the work is going pretty well.  We have about 7 investigators that we are trying to get to progress a little faster.  They are all very sweet and love learning about the church. 
Sister Ashbrook is amazing!!!!! We get along SO well.  She sings really well and plays the piano like Bethoven, so we're a fun pair! Presidents told me that our mail purpose in being together is to use music to cheer up the people in this tiny town.  Don't worry, we got right on that :) We're working on some songs to recored for the next mission CD.  (P.S. my last songs are a total hit! The polynesian elders loved them! haha) Well, that's about all I have time for today.  Hope you are all doing wonderful and loving life.  Keep your heads up and don't forget to say your prayers!

Love, Sister Hatfield


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