Monday, November 12, 2012

4 months out already??

Hello all!

How are you guys?? (I think I ask that question every week, and the only person who really answers is my mom.  Way to go, mom!)

What a long week! We taught quite a few recent converts and less active members.  One of our RC's is from Colombia and only speaks spanish.   Thankfully Sister Ashbrook speaks almost fluently, so we are actually able to teach him.  I am learning how to speak, but am much better at understanding.  This wee I understood about 90% of what Victor said and felt so accomplished! It must have been working around Argentine's for so long:) We of course visited our sweet Cleo this week.  We actually got her to really open up about w hy she stopped going to church and it truly broke my heart.  When he husband died not on person from her ward called, visited, or brought over meals.  How important is visiting/home teaching?? it was really sad, but we're going to work with her and the branch here to get her back to church! Other than that she's doing quite well.

Halloween was pretty fun here.  We worked all day, then came in early at night.  All the little kids in the branch came over to our house to show us their costumes.  All the little girls loved showing off their fairy winds and halos, so it was really fun! Our mission-wide "radio" program went pretty well.  Nothing too spectacular.  but still fun.

We have quite a few fun things coming up this week though.  Tomorrow we're helping pack (grind the meat and wrap up) some deer for a less active, then going to help Kris (the frozen chicken fence woman) make homemade soap and jam! Isn't missionary work the best?? Haha it really is great though.  I love the work I'm doing and the people of Petersburg.  I think we'll be staying here through Christmas and were told to "get creative" with our singing and sharing the gospel.  We think we're going to carol while we tract.  Fun, huh? Anyone have any other creative ideas? Let me know!

Well that's about all I have this week.  I hope you all are doing great and getting excited for the most wonderful time of the year!!! I can't believe it's almost Christmas.  I've already been out 4 months and feel like the time is just slipping through my fingers.  Have a great week and write me a letter! I'd love to hear from all of you!

Love always,
Sister Hatfield

p.s. Did I tell you Rachel from Fairbanks (a girl I was teaching and completely adore!) got baptized 5 days after I left??? Sister Gardner says she's on fire! I'm so happy for her and all my other converts! Keep it up you guy.  Love you!

p.p.s.Sister Ashbrook and I are writing a song together and she's helping me finish writing my first song I'm so excited!! :)

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