Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Dearest Familia!

Well, it was quite the adventure getting here to ANC.  We were scheduled to leave on the morning jet on Monday at 11:30.  I work up at about 3 am Monday with a really nasty case of the stomach flu.  I'll spare you all the details, but it was a really rough morning.  I was determined to make the flight, so we called some men from the branch to come give me a blessing.  The blessing caused us to be a little late to the airport, so the Alaska Airlines agents wouldn't let us fly.  It was really sad, but ended up working out for the better.  One of the engines broke on the plane we were supposed to b eon, and caused quite a bumpy flight, which I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to make it through.  I ended up sleeping ALL day {with permission/strict orders from President, of course} which helped a ton.  We made it out on the morning jet on Tuesday and got right to work once we got in our new areas.  Transfers were on Wednesday, and were a total blast.  I forgot how much I actually enjoy being around other missionaries, even when I feel completely overwhelmed.  After the temple {I've been 3 times since I've been out} we all had dinner at the mission home.  The elders and I were all laughing and joking and having a blast.  Sister Wuehler and I had them laughing really hard by the end of the night.  Gotta love good, clean missionary humor :)

My area is really great, so far.  Rabbit Creek is in South Anchorage which is a VERY wealthy community.  The work here is hard, and hasn't been successful in a while but that doesn't mean anything if you ask me.  If we work hard, and are obedient, we will see blessings.  No questions asked.  It's weird serving in a full-blown ward since I've been in branches for the last 6 months, but I'm ready for the challenge.  My district includes the Zone leaders, district leaders, and the Assistants... let me just say this.. they are all some of my favorite missionaries and we all have a blast together. I'm really excited for this transfer.  President keeps making jokes about me training a new sister, Sister Hedelius {who writes me} who is coming out next transfer.  We'll see what happens.  She's the first 19 year old sister so we're all pretty excited.

Well I hope you are all doing great and keeping up with your personal scripture study!

"When like gets too hard to stand..kneel"

Love always,
Sister Hatfield

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