Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sick of being sick.


Dear Family,

Well this week sure has been an adventure! On Tuesday I wasn't feeling very good and started having some sharp pains in my side.  So, after much convincing from Sister Hedelius and Sister Beesley, I decided to head over to the doctor to see what is wrong with me.  They ran a full set of blood tests - - which came back normal, but are still concerned about my gall bladder.  Soooo.... I get to have an ultrasound on Wednesday and possibly surgery if that is what's wrong.  Cool, huh?

So, besides being in pain, things here are going pretty good.  Still slow, but progressing.  Alison is doing really well.  We had a really good lesson with her all about faith.  She ended up teaching us some really neat things and the Spirit was so strong.  She was even telling us how she was upset that she had so much homework last week because she would have rather been reading the Book of Mormon.  Isn't she incredible?? Love her!

Okay, funny story.  So... because of some really unfortunate events, Sister Ashbrook's companion had to go home for some medical stuff, which left Sister A companion-less.  Which means that we got to go up to Eagle River and have dinner with one of her recent converts in her ward.  This RC has a son who is 12 and autistic.  He is so funny! After we gave the spiritual thought, Sister A turned to him and said, "Josh who would you like to say the closing prayer?" Josh turned, pointed right at me and said, "the one with the beautiful eyes!" haha! It was sooooo cute! We all got a good laugh outta that one :)

Welp,  I thin that's all I've got for this week.  Have a fabulous week and enjoy the warm weather.  I know I'm LOVING the 40ish degree sunny days here in ANC. 

Love ya'll!
Sister Hatfield

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