Monday, March 18, 2013

45 degrees and sunny on Saturday.. A foot of snow on Sunday. Spring in AK..

Dear Family,

Well, I think I've officially come to the point in my mission where I have absolutely no clue what to write in my emails anymore.  Everyday seems the same as the one before, which makes it really difficult to even remember what happened. 

Our investigator, Bernard, is doing really well.  He's definately got a glow about him.  And even he sees it.  We're teaching him again this week so hopefully we can get him set up with a baptism date.  He doesn't live in our area (just like all the rest of our investigators...) so we're going to pass him off to the elders probably this week or next.  Stacey, one of our favorite investigators dropped us this week.  Her pastor told her to stop meeting with us.  It was very heartbreaking, mostly because she knows she feels something different when she's around us. 

Coolest experience of my year so far: Getting to go to the temple with Karlie Ellingson from FBX! She's a member I love from my time up there, and she's headed our on her mission to Tokyo, Japan on April 24th.  She went through the temple on Friday and invited me to go.  Thankfully, President loves me and gave us permission to go.  It was such a special experience! I was so grateful not only to go to the temple but to go through with someone that I know, love and appreciate.  I learned a lot that night, and am so incredibly blessed to have been able to go.  Good luck on your mission, Karlie! Write me and tell me all about your experiences over there!!

Welp, that's about all I've got got this week guys.  Hope ya'll are doing well and loving life!!

Love always,
Sister Hatfiled

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