Monday, March 18, 2013

"What did we do to deserve thisz??"

Well, another week has come and gone.  I sweat I'm losing track of my time here in AK.  I'm about to hit my half-way mark, and that just seems so dang strange! Are ya'll sick of me saying that in every single email yet?? haha

So... basically this week was.... I don't even know what. 

On Pday we just spent the entire day at the mission home hanging out with all the missionaries in our zone! It was so fun!! Sometimes it's nice to just sit back, relax, and have a good laugh with your closest friends.  We had dinner at the ever-popular Ihop {I'm just like Jim Gaffigan, I NEVER feel like hopping when I leave that place.  Haha!} then taught 2 lessons to active members.  We're working on getting to know the ward really well, and what better way to get to know them, than to teach in their homes?

Wednesday was a really interesting day.. we had zone conference all about "Hearts".  We talked all day about the condition of our hearts and the hearts of those we come in contact with.  It was really REALLY good training.  Our next 3 months of training will all be focused on "Peace".  I'm really excited for it, Elder Durfee and I are going to write a new song today to go with it.  Pretty exciting stuff guys!

We taught some really good lessons to our Investigators this week.  Billy, who is in the Bush Branch, is doing SO well.  He's still working on picking a date and aplace to be baptized, but we're praying really hard for him to find one, so we're not too worried about it.Everything happens in God's time, not ours.  We just have to have faith :) Stacey is doing preatty well.  She's had some really scary things happen in her life this last week, so we're just working on helping her feel love from us and from Heavenly Father.  All we need is love, right?? Audrey is doing great! We invited her to come to church in our lesson last Sunday night, I hate to admit, that neither of us really believed that she would come.  I know, I know, I'm a bad missionary who lacks faith in her investigators, shame on me.  BUT... this all leads intot he most amazing day of my mission so far... SUNDAY!

So, we had a pretty long morning before church.  I was really sick {maybe the flu} on Saturday and Sis H had a major case of hives, so we were both suffering from Nyquil &Benadryl "hangovers" on Sunday morning.  Haha! Anyway, we're sitting in sacrament and in walks Audrey! It was so exciting... I think Sister H pulled a muscle or two from all the smiling she did! THEN, we went to Sunday School where there were 3 non-members!!!! One of them, Bernard, really loved church and wants to start learning more about what we believe, so we set up an appointment to meet with him! So exciting! THEN, after church we taught Audrey and she told us about how much she really liked church and how she was really liking her Book of Mormon study.  She's still praying about baptism and so are we! after Audreys lesson we got a voicemail from Bro Evans to baptize him, but Bro Evans is moving March 18... SOOOO we'll ne having a baptism realllyyyyyy soon if it all works out as planned! After we got off the phone with Bro Evans we were both crying and just so elated.,  We offered a prayer of gratitude and just sat in amazement for a few minutes.  I turned to Sister H and just said, "What did we do to deserve this??".  I still am not quite sure, but I know that all of the hard work we put in by the missionaries in this area previously and currently is finally starting to pay off.  I'm so happy that Sister H is getting to experience such a wonderful thing in the first few weeks of her mission.  We are truly blessed when we are obedient! Exact obedience brings miracles!!!!

Well, I'm really excited to see what this week will bring - I love you all and hope ya'll havea an amazing week!

Remember.. "Come what may, and LOVE it!" -Joseph B. Wirthlin

Love always, Sister Hatfield

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