Monday, March 18, 2013

This week in Alaska...

Well, I was sick... yet again.  It's my 3rd or 4th round of the year so far.  Cool, huh?? It put me out quite a bit this week, but we were far too busy with things for me to get the full rest I needed.  Oh well... I'd much rather be working anyways :)

So this week was Spring Break here in Alaska, and because of tha tall but one of our investigators were out of town which means -- slow teaching week! But, we did get the chance to see some people and offer some much needed servicei n the area.  I also had a really long, boring meeting all afternoon on Wednesday but no one wants to hear about that. 

Cool story: While I was in my really long, boring meeting, Sister Hedelius was on exchanges and went out to find ia referrral that had come from the ward.  They had received the records for a 21 year old woman and it was our job to find out who she was.  Sister Hedelius felt strongly that she needed to find this girl that day, so she went to search for the house. It didn't exist... haha... BUT Sister H felt impressed to try the dor closest to her, so she did.  When she did that she met the son of the woman who she was looking for (who is NOT 21 but probably 60 or 70...) and he let her in.  They ended up teaching about the Restoration of the gospel and placed a Book of Mormon.  Isn't that amazing?? We have a lesson with him this Thursday, and I'm so excited to meet him :) Sister H now has a really cool story to tell people about her mission.  Isn't that exciting??

We had another really cool experience, I think I've ltold you guys about our investigator, Stacey who is pentacostal (sp??) well I can't reamember if I told you but her pastor asked her to stop meeting with us last week.  It was really sad.  But we respected her wishes.  So Stacey's church was having a big dinner event for 200 people on Saturday and Stacey was hired as the caterer.  She needed a lot of help,. so of course we jumped at the chance to help out.  We brought some of the elders with us and ended up serving dinner to the entire congregation of their church, including the Pastor.  It was very intimidating but was such an amazing experience.  Everyone was so nice and the Pastor even laughed/joked with us and thanked us for all our help.  It was definately a tender mercy and hopefully will open some doors for Stacey in the future :)

Well, I love you all and have a fabulous week! It's still cold here in AK but the sun is staying out much MUCH longer and I am one happy girl!

Love always, Sister Hatfield

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  1. I got your letter! I will be writing back soon. Miss your guts!