Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Just another week at the mission home! {6/24/13}

Dear Fam,

So... this week was rough.  I was SUPER sick, again.  So I spent the entire week at the mission home.  That's right,  no proselyting or teaching for a full 7 days.  It was so sad! I really learned how much I love being a missionary and seeing the gospel change people's lives.  I missed it so much, but am so grateful that Sister Grayson and Sister Hallmark are willing to work so hard even when I'm not around.  Most of my days this week were spent just helping Sister Beesley with random projects around the mission home and at the office and helping other missionaries.  BUT, I did have some really fun things happen this week too!

1. We had another Sisters Sleepover aka "Training" on Friday night! We all trained on different subjects and learned a lot about each other and about some really important women in the Gospel {Ruth & Esther}.  I also happened to find some really awesome footie pajamas in the Elder's Closet {giveaway room} and totally rocked them the rest of the night.  President got a good chuckle when I came upstairs for "Story Time with President" in them.  Pres then had us act out the story of Goldie Locks and the 3 bears... only he added quite a few twists.  I was Goldie, and I couldn't eat the porridge because of my "internal stomach issues".  Haha it was hilarious.  Some of the sisters got it on video so hopefully I can find a way to get it to ya'll.  Later that night, I may or may not have gotten a little bit crazy and "steam-rolled" Sister Grayson which backfired and resulted in her knee-ing me in the face.  Haha! Oh, the things that happen on the mission.  So, in the morning, Pres made us his famous pancakes in whatever shape we wanted.  I got an elephant last time {my fave animal} so I asked for a duck {my second fave animal} this time.  He certainly didn't disappoint.  I love that guy!

2.  The missionary broadcast!!!!!! Who watched it??? I hope you all did.  It was incredible to watch and to hear about all the changes in missionary work.  Sadly, I think I'll be home before they really take effect here in AK,  but it will be neat to hear all about how it comes about.  I hope you all are motivated to do more missionary work and helping others to learn more about the Savior :)

3.  Yesterday.... we picked wildflowers on our lunch break.  Twas magical!

Well, I love you all and hope that all is well in whatever neck of the woods you are in.  Hope ya'll have a great week and enjoy the last week of June!

Love always,
Sister Hatfield

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