Monday, February 4, 2013

January 22, 2013

Hi family!!!!

Well this week was absolutely CRAZY town.  Monday was Pday.  Tuesday and Wednesday I was on exchanges with my old comp Sister Ashbrook.  We were asked to be in charge of training for all the missionaries on Thursday.  So, we spent those two days re-living all of our fun on the island, and planning how we can help other missionaries to prepare to serve in the "bush areas" (aka remote areas like PSG} We sat down with Sister Beesley and she said, "I just wish that there was a song that could tie into training".  And I said, "How about 'I have work enough to do'?" and it was PERFECT! All three verses hit exactly the points that we were trying to make.  The training ended up going really well and we had a blast doing it.  We trained in Anchorage on Thursday morning then drove out to Wasilla {about an hour away} and did the same thing over again.  After the second training, we went to get flue shots {no tears or fainting from me, thank you very much!} that the mission is providing, then Sister Beesley took Sister Wuehler and I out to dinner afterwards.  Um... best burger EVER = The Elvis Burger at A's Grill in Wasilla.  It was bacon, cheese, pickles, and peanut butter! That's right..PB.  YUMMY.  Sister Beesley and I split it and some deep fried pickles.  We talked a lot about missionary work and the happenings in the AAM right now.  She's wonderful and full of so many great insights! On Friday we had some Family History training from a guy in the stake which was pretty fun.  We're learning how to use Family History as a finding tool for new investigators.  I'm excited to try it out and see if it works. 

The work here is still really slow, but we are teaching a lot of active member lessons.  Part of our goal as a mission is to help the active members to get into the missionary spirit, and see what we're all about. We taught quite a few really good ones this week and I've had a blast getting to know the people in this war.  They are all amazing! Hopefully, some really wonderful things can come out of this. 

Well I hope all of you are having a wonderful week.  Remember that there is nothing more important in life than to remember that we are the children of a loving Heavenly Father.  As long as we are doing all that we can to become the men and women that He knows we can be.  He will help us to achieve all that we desire. 

I love you all so much!

Love always,
Sister Hatfield

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